WMC statement on Gov. Evers’ PFAS-linked litigation | Company

WMC statement on Gov. Evers’ PFAS-linked litigation | Company

Gov. Tony Evers announced late Friday afternoon that he was directing the state’s departments of justice and administration to employ lawyers to go after lawsuits against businesses who course of action or use for every- and polyfluoroalkyl substances – greater acknowledged as PFAS – in their output.

Wisconsin Producers & Commerce in a information launch reported: “These artificial compounds have been applied in industry and purchaser goods all-around the earth for a long time. The most effectively-recognised PFAS compounds – PFOA and PFOS – are no longer produced in the United States.”

“Today’s announcement is an unfortunate political stunt,” claimed WMC President & CEO Kurt Bauer. “They want to sue corporations for the past use of compounds for which no specifications have been set below possibly point out or federal regulation.”

The information release states: “There are at the moment countless numbers of various PFAS substances in existence – quite a few of which have been accredited by the Fda for use in food stuff packaging – nevertheless the Evers Administration looks dead set on disparaging Wisconsin businesses regardless of irrespective of whether there is an precise wellbeing possibility involved with certain PFAS compounds.”

“The business local community has labored cooperatively with policymakers and regulators to deal with concerns stemming from the use and screening of firefighting foam made up of PFAS chemical compounds.” added Bauer. “Today’s action does not realize the sincere makes an attempt by enterprises to collaborate with governmental entities on the complexity of PFAS-similar challenges.”

Bauer also said: “If the governor was genuinely hunting to safeguard the natural environment, he would have continued to work intently with the business enterprise group on this matter. Background has demonstrated time and again that additional lawsuits only include to the delay related with environmental cleanups. Today’s announcement will in fact sluggish progress towards addressing contaminated locations in our state.”