Why women's freedom threatens men

An anti-abortion protester Credit: Shutterstock

Will America’s foreseeable future be 1 of democracy and women’s command over their personal bodies or just one of authoritarianism and compelled being pregnant? The two troubles most motivating Us residents to vote for Democrats in the quickly approaching midterm elections are much much more intertwined than is generally regarded.

At a time when appropriate-wing extremists are hellbent on creating American states — or, as lots of intend the full nation — into the fictional Republic of Gilead, it is acceptable to turn to Margaret Atwood. “Tyrants and dictators like Adolf Hitler and Nicolae Ceausescu have normally dictated the terms of fertility and criminalized people who did not comply,” she pointed out in 2017. “It’s no accident that Napoleon banned abortion. He reported just what he needed offspring for — cannon fodder. Charming!”

Talking of authoritarian regimes, Atwood reported in 2020, “What it will come down to is that they assert their right to management replica, and they assert their correct about people’s bodies. All totalitarianisms, no make a difference […]

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