Trevor Noah Horrified by QAnon Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Murder Fantasies

President Joe Biden wants to provide “unity” to the United States of The usa. But as The Every day Show’s Trevor Noah laid out Wednesday evening, that is not likely to be straightforward supplied that this place has fairly a lot been divided from the really starting.

“I can see why unity would be very interesting for people right now,” the host claimed. “But for unity to perform, you have to agree on what unity is. And in Washington ideal now, they’re not even united on that.”

With that, Noah played a montage of Republican lawmakers like Senators Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham, along with Fox News host Sean Hannity, railing versus Biden for taking progressive action when preaching “unity.” As Hannity asked his viewers, “Does anyone at this position continue to consider him? Anybody? Raise your hand at home.”

“Dude, only a person of your viewers is dumb sufficient to believe that you can see him by means of the Television,” Noah said, creating possibly his only Trump joke of the night. “Because this is preposterous. Seemingly Republicans imagine that ‘unity’ implies the Democrats have to act like Republicans?”