Tomes Law Firm, PC, Business Lawyers, Are Offering Exclusive Legal Services to Entrepreneurs in Freehold, NJ

Freehold, NJ: Tomes Law Firm, PC offers exclusive legal services to entrepreneurs, helping them navigate the legal landscape and other entities such as the IRS, creditors, and suppliers. The firm offers more than just drafting business documents and collecting paychecks. They walk with the client, from planning and ensuring their documents safeguard their interests to handling emerging issues.

Before offering any drafting or planning services, the firm starts with its LIFT foundation plan, which entails reviewing all insurance, legal, technology, and financial needs. After inspecting the business needs, the attorneys easily curate a personalized and affordable plan for business owners, putting their business on a growth trajectory.

The firm is also involved in drafting and redrafting the business’s contracts with vendors and updating the client’s prior documents to reflect the business’s new path. If the business needs a fresh look at the employee handbook, the attorneys assist the client in drafting and discussing the documents to protect their interests. The attorneys are also experienced in formulating financial controls and tax strategies. Other services offered are business planning coupled with proper insurance coverage and updating the client on changes in laws that may affect their operations as a business.

Besides, the Freehold business lawyers offer legal services and advice to clients with tax problems, assisting them to get back into the business. Regardless of the business size and years it has been operational, IRS debts easily keep one up at night. Fortunately, the attorneys explore all the available options, such as filing the tax abatement to request the IRS to eliminate specific penalties.

The firm also works on an agreement with the IRS on an installment deal, giving the client an extended period to pay off the debt they owe to the state agency. If they cannot raise tax debt, the attorney may guide the client to explore alternatives such as Offer in Compromise (OIC), an ideal tax program for them.

Tomes Law Firm, PC also assists businesses and clients tired and afraid of dealing with creditors and debt collectors. Regardless of the reasons for getting behind on bills, the bankruptcy lawyer offers a tailored approach to dealing with such issues, such as exploring all the available options to assist the client in consolidating debt and paying bills. If the available options are not practical to get back on track, the attorney may explore other avenues such as the legal route and file for bankruptcy protection.

Tomes Law Firm, PC is located at 17 Broad Street, Freehold, NJ, 07728. Clients can contact the team at (732) 333-0681. Visit the law firm’s website for more information.

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