Tips to Be Followed While Creating a Resume


Resume is the most important document you will need for job search. A strong resume will highlight you from crowd. During the hiring process, the first thing the employers notices is our resume.So that they can know more about the applicants. The main purpose is to verify that whether the applicants are suitable for the company. The resume has to summarise your skills and should be easy to read and also should highlight your experience.

Mention the essentials:

Don’t list out all your work experience together in the resume. You have to mention only the required content. Your resume must be presented like a marketing document selling you as person for job.

Keep a master resume

Depending on the job offers you might keep swapping the information. So keep a master resume where you keep all your information you ever included on a resume like old positions, important projects. When you are in need of drafting a new resume you can just copy paste the needed contents.

Add the best matter

Resume is your first impression, so make sure that you add the best work experience and accomplishments and also see that they are visible on the top. The hiring manager will see first at the top section of resume, so focus in putting your best and only relevant experiences.

List out chronological way

You can organise your information in many other ways, the reverse chronological-where the recent experience are listed first will be better.

Keep it to a page

Make your information concise, and make it to one page.only if you have more credentials, training and important work experience, then you can go for more than a page.

Make it simple

The most basic principle for a good resume is keeping it simple.Use basic but modern font. Make your font size between 10 and 12. Make it simple and consistent.

Design for Skimmablility

Hiring managers don’t spend too much time in an individual resume. Make them get as much as information as possible, in little time.

Active language

Your resume must be written in an active language without extraneous words. This means power words like earned,.achieved, completed and accomplished.

Highlight important achievements

Include a separate section for achievement and skills, to specifically highlight relevant achievements in your education, career or other experience. Rather than listing you job duties under the experience sections, select your most important achievements in each role, and where possible include numbers that measure success for that particular goal.

Pick out the appropriate margins

You should use one inch margin size on all sides of your resume with single space between the lines. You can increase your margins if you find it difficult to fill your resume, but it should be below two inch.

Check for errors

Always make sure that your resume has no errors. Its better you triple check it. You can also make it check with any of your friends for more surety.


Resume is the first step to meet the employer for interviewing. Make sure you include the relevant information’s and highlight the important sections. Review your errors. Once your resume is ready, it should help you get call backs and job offers.

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