The Most Common Causes of Workers Compensation Cases

No matter what preventative measures a business takes, accidents can happen at any time. You can be injured at work whether heavy machinery is involved or not – you can have accidents working in an office. One of the most common causes is slips, trips, and falls. Although your colleagues and management team should do everything in their power to keep areas clean and safe, things tend to slip through the cracks. Avoiding accidents at work requires a high level of awareness from both the business and employees. When you’re injured at work, you can be entitled to compensation. Below, we’ve outlined the leading causes of accidents that lead to compensation cases. 

The Most Common Causes of Workers Compensation Cases

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You’ve seen people get electrocuted in the movies, resulting in their hair standing up. However, in reality, electric shocks can be a lot more serious and can leave people with serious burns, organ failure, and, in serious cases, it can result in heart failure. Electrocutions are most common amongst electricians, construction workers, and truck drivers. Electrocution caused by faulty machinery can present the perfect compensation case and will require a visit to an attorney like those at Allentown workers’ compensation lawyer at Munley Law.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

This type of accident can happen in any type of employment. The most common reason for compensation claims under this umbrella is slippages on wet floors. Although wet floor signs should be displayed, workers are usually extremely busy and fail to observe the surroundings. If there are no wet floor signs, employees can look forward to a hefty compensation package – once they’ve recovered from injuries. 


When workers take on more work than they can handle, they can face muscle pulls or joint injuries. These are mostly reported by construction workers, whose job involves heavy lifting. Businesses can prevent these compensation claims by fully training staff on how to properly lift

Machinery Accidents

For the most part, machinery accidents are reported by factories. The most common accidents are from mutilation or crushing. Injuries caused by machinery tend to come with an enormous medical bill. If a business fails to train staff according to US laws or maintain equipment regularly, compensation claims will be extremely lucrative, albeit not ideal. 


Vehicle collisions are extremely common accidents, especially amongst truckers. Although statistically truck accidents are caused by the driver of the truck, there are instances where the company is at fault. For example, it is the truck firm’s responsibility to keep the truck in good working order and ensure drivers are adequately trained. 

Accidents in the workplace are just a part of life that we have to deal with. However, that doesn’t mean that steps can’t be taken to lessen the chances. Your employer should carry out full risk assessments on all aspects of your job, and train you in each area to be compliant with health and safety regulations. From the worker’s side, they can ensure that they follow the rules and be aware of their surroundings at all times.