The Benefits of Hiring a Jones Act Lawyer for Your Maritime Accident Claim

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Injured seamen need a maritime attorney to help them understand their rights, file a claim and fight negligent employers on their behalf. Jones Act cases allow injured seamen to recover damages for medical bills, pain and suffering and lost wages. Injuries may occur due to inadequate safety training, faulty equipment or an unseaworthy vessel. A Jones Act lawyer can help victims determine whether they qualify for maintenance and cure benefits.


Injured seamen working on a ship, jack-up oil rig, barge, tugboat, fishing boat, or another maritime vessel should immediately contact an experienced Jones Act lawyer. They know the differences between workers’ compensation and Jones Act claims and can avoid common mistakes. Unlike land-based workers, seamen can sue their employers in a Jones Act claim for work-related injuries. They are also entitled to certain benefits, including income and medical benefits. A lawyer can help establish liability in a Jones Act case by showing that an employer’s negligence or unfitness caused the injury.

Injured seamen can receive compensation for lost wages, reduced earning capacity, and non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering. An attorney can also assist with calculating these damages, which can be difficult to quantify. Sometimes, a skilled Jones Act lawyer can even pursue punitive damages. This is because these types of injuries are typically awarded when a flagrant violation of the law causes an accident.


A seaman must complete an accident report after an offshore accident. This document must be filled out correctly and completely. Only accurate reports could lead to serious complications down the road.

An experienced Jones Act lawyer understands that the law is strict about what constitutes negligence and can evaluate an injury case accurately. In addition, they are familiar with how damages are calculated for maritime workers and know what employers may try to do to deny a claim or minimize compensation. You can visit the WEBSITE about maritime lawyers to understand how an experienced lawyer can help you with your problem.

A qualified Jones Act attorney can also help a maritime worker qualify for compensation under other maritime laws, such as the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA). This statute provides balance to those injured while working on the land. Those who work on cruise ships do not qualify for protection under the Jones Act. However, they do allow for LHWCA. Private companies typically employ these workers and must complete a different accident report than their counterparts on cargo ships.

Knowledge of the Law

Injuries that occur in the scope of a worker’s employment on a vessel or in navigable waters typically are covered under maritime law rather than state workers’ compensation laws. This makes it even more important to have a Jones Act lawyer on your side when you are injured.

Seamen are eligible to receive temporary benefits known as “maintenance and cure” and may pursue negligence claims in court against their employers for injuries sustained while on the job. However, several factors must be considered to determine whether an accident qualifies as a Jones Act claim.

These cases are highly complex and can be extremely expensive to litigate. Hiring medical experts, conducting tests, and obtaining other evidence are often needed to build your case. A qualified Jones Act attorney can help you navigate these complexities and achieve the best possible outcome for your claim. They can also ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process.


Injured seamen are typically eligible for damages that compensate them for lost wages and medical expenses. In addition, they may be entitled to “maintenance and cure” – a stipend for living expenses and compensation for hospital bills, prescription drugs, etc.

You must follow your doctor’s instructions and report any work-related injury immediately to get the full damages you deserve. An experienced Jones Act lawyer can help you to fill out an accurate accident report.

Your employer will likely attempt to trick you into assuming responsibility for the accident by requesting that you issue a written or recorded statement or meet with a company investigator without your attorney present. An attorney can ensure your employer doesn’t use this tactic against you.

Maritime workers are also entitled to compensation for lost fringe benefits like health insurance, vacation time, pension or 401(k) contributions. An experienced Jones Act lawyer can assist you in calculating these damages and any other damages that may be available to you.

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