Offering First Aid During a Train Accident


There are damages and injuries that may be caused by train accident. It is important to know the best way to offer first aid when a train accident has occurred. Train accident may be caused by lack of maintenance of the train, mechanical failure, human error, and weather among others. The lines of the train may be switched wrongly therefore leading to loss of control that may end up into a fatal train accident.

Some of the causes of train accidents include human errors which may be prevented. This may include lack of proper train maintenance which may result into numerous fatal accidents and injuries. There are mechanical failures that may happen and cause collision or other forms of train accidents. These may include broken warning and safety prevention measures. Bad weather may also cause train accidents. Other cause is lack of adequate communication with other train operators. This may lead to misguidance to the line changing and crossing signals while using the train.

The first step that should be taken in case a train accident has occurred is first aid. This is the provision of initial care for injury caused by the accident. First aid offered is meant to offer relief to the minor injuries that may have occurred to the passengers and the train crew. The first aid offered is meant to act as life saving techniques and prevent further injuries or effect of the injuries.

First aid can help in preventing worsening of the situation of the injuries such as brain injuries and promote recovery. There are skills that are necessary to equip you with the basic first aid measures that you should take. One of these skills includes airway, breathing and circulation. Keep the airway clear and avoid obstruction. Obstruction is dangerous during an emergency.

You can offer medical assistance immediately. The other alternative is rushing those who have serious injuries and wounded passengers. It is essential to call for ambulances in order to rush the injured victims to the nearest hospital to medical attention. The first aid procedure may include bandaging the wounds immediately to prevent more injuries.

Give the victims of the accident an allowance for breathing and then you can attend to the injuries such as brain injuries to prevent further injuries or complications. It is important to call for first aid for emergency cases, from health centers that are available in the nearest area. In case of brain injuries you should be very careful on how you handle it since it may experience internal bleeding. This may be dangerous to the life of the passenger and therefore cause death or permanent brain damage to the accident victim. Getting insurance and health covers may also help in case of emergencies. This ensures that you have medical coverage that can cater for your health in case of emergencies such as train accidents. It is essential to take a first aid course from an institution or the railway station crew and employees should have training concerning first aid during a train accident.

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