It’s the hypocrisy, stupid! Massive list of leftist love for Rand Paul’s neighbor – with receipts –

It’s the hypocrisy, stupid! Massive list of leftist love for Rand Paul’s neighbor – with receipts –

The brutal attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, has created a firestorm of political finger pointing, but it’s hard to miss the hypocrisy of the Left when it comes to violent attacks against politicians or their families.

We’ve reported the emerging, and strange, and even stranger, details of the attack as the story develops. Needless to say, the story is a hot mess, and the need for the Left to blame Republicans has made it even messier.

The calls for Republicans to ‘condemn’ the attack surfaced as reliably as Joe Biden getting lost on stage. This is right out of the leftist playbook. It goes without saying that the assault on Paul Pelosi is vile and despicable. Asking someone to ‘condemn’ the attack really means ‘you’re responsible for this violence, so you need to denounce your guy’. Don’t play that game.

Time will tell if Paul Pelosi’s attacker was motivated by any particular political ideology. Michael Shellenberger has an excellent writeup on what may turn out to be the best explanation for this: the guy is a drug-addled nutcase (our words, not Shellenberger’s).

What most of us couldn’t help notice was the hypocrisy of the Left. Just last month a teenager was murdered by a man who ran him over, thinking he was a ‘Republican extremist’. Crickets from the Left.

The most obvious case of left wing hypocrisy, however, is the ongoing infatuation by some on the Left with Rand Paul’s neighbor. It’s not a matter of condemning the attack on Rand Paul for these people. They’ve condoned, defended, mocked, praised, and celebrated the attack, and they continue to do so.

We’ll spare you all the tweets this guy made about Rand Paul’s neighbor.

Tony’s concerned about violence now.

They love the guy who brutally assaulted a senator.

Let us know, Adam, when McCarthy says someone ‘went all Paul Pelosi’s attacker’ on someone else.

Keith is the poster child for frothing spittle-laced rants that might incite a fellow wacko. He identifies with Rand Paul’s neighbor.

Condolences are fascist now.

Tom excels at finding the bottom of the barrel and hanging out there.

Real nice, Tom.

Tom is now concerned about violence.

Welcome to the thread, morally bankrupt ‘Christian’ pastor.

Decent human beings don’t identify with people who assault senators.

You had to know Rex would make an appearance.

Now Rex is worried about jokes about violence?

Chip loves him some Rand Paul’s neighbor.

Chip also cares about violence when it happens to his side.

Nice reaction to the brutal attack on Rand Paul.


Seriously? He LOVES him?

Yes, zero shame.

Not this lady. Rand Paul’s neighbor is her ‘bro’.

The hypocrisy is overwhelming.

Oh do you now, David?

Maybe Elon should read this entire thread.

Pronouns: (clown/Rand Paul’s Neighbor)

Stop encouraging violence, George.

Senator Paul called out this weasel for that (now deleted) tweet, after receiving a death threat in the form of a suspicious package.

It’s just Richard Marx mainstreaming political violence …

… which is really bad and stuff.

Many on the left have truly lionized Rand Paul’s neighbor because he brutally assaulted a politician they hate.

Rich sucks.

Jezebel loves some violent imagery …

… sometimes.

She would like to buy him a keg of beer for savagely beating a senator? What word could we use to describe someone who thinks this way? …

Vile. That’s a good word.

Bette Midler has made no secret of letting everyone know how much she admires Rand Paul’s attacker.

Bette might just as well have tackled Rand Paul herself.

Thinking about the injuries Rand Paul sustained gives this guy hope.

He’s also very concerned about increasing political violence.

That assault was justified, in their minds, because they hate Rand Paul.

Brian didn’t mind celebrating an *actual* attack against Rand Paul.

Remember this one?

‘Took one for the team for all of us’.

What if you’re the bad guy, Grant?

Molly decided to delete this gem within the past year (we’d love to know if it was recently).

Yes, Rand Paul’s criminal assailant should run in 2020. Good look, Molly.

You think?

Molly would want them to run for President, apparently.

This was exhausting. Hypocrites, all the way down.

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