Excerpts from Legal Reimagined: Rethinking Your Technology Approach

In this episode of the Perspectives podcast, sponsored by Mitratech and hosted on Corporate Counsel in partnership with Law.com, we’ll hear highlights from the April 28 presentation, Legal Reimagined: Rethinking Your Technology Approach.

Throughout the last two to three years, the climate has forced an accelerated adoption of digital transformation across in-house legal departments. As a result, many organizations have rushed their technology investment decisions and have ended up with technology stacks consisting of multiple point solutions that don’t always work or fit together.

During this episode, Brian McGovern, Executive Director of CLC Solutions at Mitratech; Elizabeth “Liz” Lugones, Legal Operations Senior Advisor at UpLevelOps; and Wafik Guirgis, Senior Managing Director, Legal Operations, at FTI Consulting, discuss recent research developed by ALM and Mitratech that show how the COVID-19 pandemic has actually increased the speed at which organizations have adopted legal operations technology. Some of the topics covered include:

– An understanding of the benefits of consolidating your technology stack.

– An idea of how others are taking steps to simplify or consolidate siloed systems.

– Insight into what others in the industry are prioritizing when reviewing their technology.

The webcast can be found in its entirety on demand at https://www.law.com/2022/03/08/legal-reimagined-rethinking-your-technology-approach/