June 30, 2022


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Episode 112: Attacking RAS - Premature Stop & Normal Driving Behavior

Episode 112: Attacking RAS – Premature Stop & Normal Driving Behavior

On today’s episode, Jake discusses two basic techniques to assault realistic suspicion in impaired driving conditions. Very first, Jake talks about how to argue that the officer has prematurely stopped your customer. Second, Jake clarifies the value of arguing that your client’s driving fell in just the wide assortment of standard driving actions. If the site visitors end is not primarily based on the observation of a statutory violation, these two arguments are possible to utilize to your circumstance.


Find out what the NHTSA handbook lays out as the solutions for an officer who is selecting irrespective of whether or not to halt a motor vehicle suspected of DWI.


Listen to Jake examine how to articulate that the officer’s greatest program of motion was to continue on to stick to the car as a substitute of stopping it considering the fact that the standard for RAS contains seeking at the stop as a result of the eyes of a “cautious officer.”


Uncover some of the scenarios that have looked at driving by way of the lens of “conduct falling within just the wide array of usual driving habits.”