Dos and don’ts after a motorcycle accident – Is it worthy to hire an accident lawyer?

Dos and don’ts after a motorcycle accident – Is it worthy to hire an accident lawyer?

Riding a motorcycle can be a freeing and liberating experience for a bike enthusiast. The wind blowing on your face and being able to flip in between cars is a tantalizing experience for many. However, motorcycle riding comes with several risks. For instance, 80% of all motorcycle accidents lead to either serious injury or death, as against 20% of four-wheeler accidents. 

As per the US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there is an average of 90,000 motorcycle accidents in a year with 5985 fatal motorcycle accidents. While we pray that you never get involved in such massive accidents, knowing what to do and what not to do is imperative for every motorcyclist. Read on to know about the dos and don’ts at the crash scene. 

Things to do at the scene of the accident

In the event when you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, here are the steps to take as urgently as possible:

  • Remain at the scene of the accident but be safe

Based on the circumstances you’ve faced and the injuries you’ve got, you might be able to move further from the accident spot and sit in a safer place. In case, you don’t think you can move away for safety reasons, then it is crucial for you to switch on the hazard lights and alert other drivers about the accident. 

  • Call the police

The next thing to do is to call 911, report the details of the accident and request the police to arrive at the crash scene. If the police are present at the accident spot, this will help you with an injury claim, as you’ll be provided a paper trail. While reporting the accident to the police, ask for an ambulance if you or the other driver need medical help. 

  • Assemble evidence

If you’re not seriously injured, take video and photographs of the accident scene and also the damage done to the vehicle and the motorcycle. Don’t forget to get the vehicle details of the other driver like the license number of the driver and his insurance policy. In case your severe injuries don’t allow you to click pictures, ask someone for help. 

Things you shouldn’t do at the accident scene

  • Discussing who’s at fault

There are times when an individual feels he is possibly at fault for the motorcycle accident but you can’t be sure who caused it. How would you know who violated the traffic law and who should be blamed for it. Hence, wait for the professionals to determine who is at fault. Never apologize or accept blame. 

  • Speaking with your insurance company from the accident spot

There are many who wrongly think it is their duty to inform the insurance company about the accident from the spot. Calling the insurance company before being aware of the severity of the injuries and damage is not recommended by experts. 

  • Denying your injuries

Often, people who are injured don’t pay heed to their injuries as they hope the pain will lessen in few days after the accident. However, it is seen that the pain gets worse, and different other injuries reveal themselves later. This is why it is vital that the motorcyclists never report the police saying that they’re not injured. 
Once you’re done with the immediate steps after an accident, it is time to call an attorney. You may check out Fisher & Talwar for the best accident attorneys in Los Angeles. They can help you with all legal questions, obtaining your insurance claim, and deciding who is at fault.