Crumbleys may be setting themselves up for appeal

James, Jennifer Crumbley break down in tears during a court hearing on Feb. 24, 2022.

The prosecution has warned the court docket that James and Jennifer Crumbley may possibly be utilizing the similar regulation firm to set on their own up for an attraction should really they get convicted for their alleged roles in the Oxford Superior School capturing scenario.

For the to start with time given that the moms and dads were charged in the case, the prosecution has publicly expressed issue about the Crumbleys applying the exact regulation company to symbolize them. 

Jennifer Crumbley has her personal law firm, Shannon Smith. So does James Crumbley, who is remaining represented by Mariell Lehman. But Smith and Lehman work for the exact same law firm, which raises problems for the prosecution about how the attorneys will defend their customers at demo as just about every parent will face unique accusations.

The Crumbleys are not being charged as a few, but as two unique men and women whose actions may be made use of in opposition to the other. Really should they be convicted, the prosecution argues, a person may argue that they are entitled to an enchantment because they didn’t have an impartial attorney — or there was a conflict of interest.