Biden aims to counteract the financial hurt wrought by COVID-19

Yamiche Alcindor:

Nicely, at the stop of his initial 7 days as president, Joe Biden, it’s crystal clear, has a large amount to juggle, and that the leading precedence for him stays COVID-19.

It is genuine that he only has a number of Cabinet officials confirmed suitable now. He has two. That is Avril Haines, the director of national intelligence, as properly as Normal Lloyd Austin, his defense secretary, who is the 1st Black person to hold that position.

Now, there is Tim Kaine, just a couple of minutes in the past claimed that he expects Antony Blinken — that is the Treasury — that’s the secretary of condition nominee — to also be verified right now. He also claims that Alejandro Mayorkas may well be verified as early as tomorrow. That would be the secretary of homeland stability.

The other thing to observe listed here is that there are a whole lot of topics on Joe Biden’s agenda. And you can see that, even even though, of course, COVID-19 is his precedence, he talked about immigration this 7 days. He put forth plans on that. He also put forth ideas on, all over again, financial relief, racial justice, criminal justice.

The other matter to observe is that all of this is going on, Joe Biden pushing his agenda, pushing his designs, as that impeachment demo is looming. And the Biden administration isn’t going to want to communicate about what they — how they feel President Trump, the former president, need to be held accountable for his purpose in the January 6 Capitol assault.

As a substitute, they are indicating that to depart that up to the Congress. But they are carrying out something appealing, which is that they are overhauling, for the most element, the way that this nation discounts with domestic terrorism.

These days, as we laid out in the tale, they are genuinely heading to be inquiring federal organizations and intelligence companies to seem extremely deeply at radicalization in this nation, white supremacy in this country. So, that tells you in which all of the matters that they’re juggling are — is heading at this level.