A Dangerous Driving Accident Lawyer Can Help

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If you or a loved one has suffered injuries due to a reckless driver’s negligence, you should contact a dangerous driving accident attorney. These attorneys are skilled in handling such cases, and provide compassionate representation for injured individuals. Their team of lawyers has successfully negotiated a record-breaking verdict for a dangerous driving accident victim. The attorneys at Block O’Toole & Murphy have handled hundreds of cases like these, and their combined experience has led to the largest non-medical malpractice verdict in Long Island history.

Car accident lawyers represent victims of reckless driving accidents

Many irresponsible drivers engage in dangerous driving practices that put other people’s lives at risk. Reckless driving accidents often result in severe injuries and long-term damages. Victims may suffer brain injuries, severe bruising, and torn ligaments, along with a variety of other harms. Survivors may also suffer from pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and loss of income, among other damages. In some cases, a reckless driver may cause a catastrophic accident that leaves the victim permanently disabled and requires ongoing medical care. Other victims may suffer emotional trauma and suffer from decreased quality of life, including lost time at work or at school.

They identify the cause of the crash

A dangerous driving accident can be the result of reckless or negligent driving by another driver. As the victim, you have every right to file a claim and demand compensation for your losses. In addition to recovering financial compensation, filing a lawsuit will also hold the responsible driver accountable for their actions. By holding them accountable, you can make sure that they will do better in the future. However, filing a claim for your injuries is not a simple process. First, you need to determine why the accident occurred.

They negotiate settlements with reckless drivers

In many cases, a Mesquite, TX dangerous driving accident lawyer can negotiate settlements with a reckless driver’s insurance company on your behalf. Insurance companies typically agree to settle cases in this way as they are much less likely to be exposed to high judgments and liability exposure. Your lawyer can also help collect medical bills and gather the necessary evidence to prove the other party’s liability and responsibility. This process is not simple, but it can result in a higher settlement for you.

They obtain records of the other driver’s actions

If you or someone else was involved in a car accident, you should never leave the scene until the police have said so. Failure to leave may lead to criminal charges. If you can, exchange information with the other driver, including his or her name, insurance, license, and any other pertinent information. You should also inform your insurance companies. If there are witnesses, they can verify your account of the accident and strengthen your claim.

They negotiate with insurance companies

If you’ve been injured in a dangerous driving accident, you’ll want to know how a dangerous driving accident lawyer negotiates with insurance companies to maximize the settlement amount. Insurance companies often try to settle cases for low amounts out of fear of paying out more money than they actually owe. That’s why they will sometimes try to settle on their own before a victim has hired a lawyer. This tactic is often a waste of time and can be damaging to your case.