August 11, 2022


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Why Do You Need A Drug Possession Lawyer?

Why You Need An Experienced Drug Possession Lawyer | Drug Lawyer San  Francisco CA

Our whole world has been raging a war against drugs. In such a scenario if someone is found in possession of these illegal substances, then it can lead to grievous results. The law is also changing dynamically with some states legalizing marijuana while others are still imposing restrictions on its usage. This is why it is always best to have a professional defense lawyer from who can guide you on the right path on being charged with possession of drugs. Read on to know more about how professional attorneys can increase your winning chances in a drug possession case:

  • Clear Understanding Of The Law

Laws about drugs keep on changing and even vary from one state to another. You can take the example of the state of Colorado where it is permitted to use marijuana recreationally. However, you might face legal prosecution for doing the same in the majority of the United States. The extent of penalties also differs from state to state. While in some states, the convict is sent home after charging a small fine, others might face prison years. A professional defense attorney can offer adequate assistance in such a case by walking you through the penalties and laws. 

  • Offer A Head Start

Getting early help from a drug possession lawyer guarantees adequate time to vet the case fully. This ensures the correct handling of all protocols. Getting such preliminary work done in advance can be of substantial help in either completely beating the charges or reducing their extremity. 

  • Ensure The Legitimacy Of The Drug Possession Charge

Often people found in possession of drugs have no idea about the same in the first place. In such cases, they are usually framed by malicious parties. A defense attorney can assist in such a scenario by proving your innocence to the judge. These professionals carry adequate subject knowledge empowering them to carry out a legal seizure and search process. 

  • Guarantee Adequate Peace Of Mind

It can be very stressful to fight off drug charges as it involves a lot of legal jargon, paperwork, court dates, and dealing with the prosecution whose motive is to prove you guilty. Availing the services of a criminal defense attorney can guarantee the best outcome in such cases. 

  • Suggest Diversion Programs

If the available evidence cannot be challenged in any way, then the lawyer might propel your case towards a diversion program. However, it is imperative to note that diversion programs are possible only for minor possession charges. Here you will have to pay court costs, fines, undergo a full drug treatment program, and even undergo drug testing on completion of the rehabilitation program. Often the accused is ordered to complete community service and ultimately the charges are dropped provided all the obligations are followed properly. However, such a program requires a lot of effort and determination on the part of the accused. They must stay committed to their goal and non-compliance can lead to a lengthening of the sentence and a directive to bear the rehabilitation expenses. 

Final Words

On being convicted of drug possession charges, the accused can face a variety of penalties whose extent depends on the amount and type of drug in question. It is also influenced by certain aggravating factors like whether the accused was found in possession of drugs at or near a school. Some common examples of penalties of a drug conviction are community service, heavy fines, probation, jail time, and house arrest. Other than these penalties, getting convicted will get added to your permanent record making it difficult to get loans, find employment, find housing and even get a gun license.