Most Universities in Australia offer a wide range of undergraduate courses for their students. All these undergraduate courses offer a good career prospect as they are equally credible as the regular degree courses. The various colleges under the University which offer these undergraduate courses, have experienced faculty, excellent cross culture learning environment and well stocked libraries.

A brief overview on the various courses offered by the online departments of various Universities –

The categories of the undergraduate courses are:

Arts and Social Sciences – This category offers bachelor degrees in Arts, Social Science, and Media. The Bachelor of Arts helps to build the students critical thinking and improve writing skills, giving the graduates a wide range of career options ahead. The bachelor degree in Social Sciences helps to develop skills of critical analysis. The bachelor degree in Media enables the students to develop communication literacy and skills in networking, troubleshooting, collaboration and project development.

Commerce and Management – The Commerce and Management streams offer undergraduate courses in Business, Business Administration, and Double degrees with Business. The Business degree helps the students with professional qualification required throughout the public and private sectors. The business Administration degree is designed for the managers who want to have some managerial skills for their career progression. The double degrees enable the student to take up either law or arts undergraduate course along with a business degree course.

Education – The degree course in education includes bachelor of Education in primary, early childhood and secondary education and also bachelor of Technology education. Bachelor of education is designed for students who wish to be a teacher, or co coordinator. The bachelor of technology education enables students to become secondary teachers of industrial technology studies, food technology and design, computing studies, and design and technology.

Environmental Science and Management – The environmental science degree offers undergraduate courses like bachelor of environmental science, bachelor of marine science and management and bachelor of applied science. The Bachelor of Environmental Science focuses on the ways of restoring land and water quality, coastal management and wildlife conservation. The Bachelor of Marine Science course is a popular choice. Another most opted for course is the marine science course along with contemporary management concepts which give students better career opportunity. The bachelor degree in applied science includes subjects like industrial plantations, small-scale forestry, environmental services, wood utilization, forest inventory and planning or forestry for development.

Health and Human Sciences – This stream offers various undergraduate courses to choose from. Some of the most relevant courses are bachelor of clinical science, naturopathy, natural therapies, nursing, sports and exercise science.

Indigenous Studies – This undergraduate course offers degree in indigenous studies like trauma and healing.

Information Technology – This undergraduate stream offers courses like bachelor of information technology and applied computing.

Law and Justice – The bachelor of laws and bachelor of legal and justice studies and also double degrees with law are being offered in this stream.

Tourism and Hospitality – There are several undergraduate courses offered in this stream. Some of them are bachelor of business in tourism management, hotel and resort management, convention and event management, and environmental tourism management.

Universities also offer Postgraduate courses and Masters Courses in all these streams. The postgraduate and master courses also have experienced and qualified faculty.

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