The Functions of Protection Agencies – Extensions of the Long Arms of Law


The 21st century has seen a growing demand for protection agencies and the services they offer. This could be due to the fact that burgeoning terrorism and insurgency has led to an increase in potential destruction to human lives, or that hedonistic desires have spiraled out of control leading to a sharp jump in petty crimes. Whatever the reason may be, protection agencies have now become popular for services like personal protection, executive protection, and monitoring security systems at offices and homes. They perform numerous specialized security functions that range from conducting investigations, organized assaults in tandem with authorized government bodies, and a number of protection services. And each of these is delivered with a high degree of specialization, expertise and skill.

Here are a few of the areas in which protection agencies function. These are not static, but can be tailor-made to suit the client’s request and need.

* Executive Bodyguards

These agencies provide trained bodyguards to protect executives; VIP’s and state dignitaries who are under constant threat. The functions include escorting the individual during travel and public events, monitoring security at his residence and office, and other measures to neutralize any threat to his daily operations and personal safety. The emphasis is on securing the individual without hampering his functioning or drawing unnecessary attention to the measures being implemented.

* Transportation Services

Many a time government agencies and even private bodies require certain individuals to be transported from one location to another securely and secretly. Protection agencies have the vehicles and channels to make this happen. And it needn’t be only the transportation of important public figures but also criminals and private individuals who are facing security threats.

Celebrity protection services have also seen a rise in demand with paparazzi becoming more vicious and intrusive. These services need a high degree of secrecy and low visibility to be maintained, which is what these agents have been trained to do.

* Liaising With Government Bodies

Protection agencies often function in co-operation with government departments like the FBI and the CIA on matters of national and public security. These might include local issues like fugitive recovery and bail enforcement, to more complex problems of hostage rescue and bomb diffusion. Many of these agencies have specialized units that can be deployed anywhere in the world to protect or attack with military precision. These have received the training given to some of the best commandos units in the world and can therefore be guaranteed to complete the tasks entrusted to them.

You might be wondering why we need special protection agencies when we already have in existence parallel government bodies that serve the same functions. The truth is that the latter are often stretched to their limit trying to meet the steadily increasing security threats that are developing locally and nationally. It therefore becomes difficult for them to be everywhere at all times. By contracting reputed private agencies to perform these functions, there is a greater chance that many of these security needs will be met and that citizens will be able to feel a safer and more secure in their neighborhoods.

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