Referrals Are Still the Hundred Million Dollar Standard for Lawyers Seeking Clients

Referrals Are Still the Hundred Million Dollar Standard for Lawyers Seeking Clients

Referral Marketing

4 yrs in the past in a article at Above the Regulation, I described my casual poll of 30 Facebook team participants and found that the frustrating bulk recognized private referrals – both from other attorneys or former consumers – as their top rated supply of business.  And a new big earn by a modest Connecticut regulation firm reinforces this admittedly anecdotal finding.

Just take a appear at this driving-the-scenes video clip, where the Connecticut Trial Regulation Organization crew shared the backstory of its recent report-placing $100 million verdict for its consumer, who was paralyzed from the waist down in a warehouse incident that tragically, ‘was 100 per cent preventable.”  In the video clip, Ryan McKeen points out (all around 1:10) that one of his colleagues – another area lawyer – had referred the situation to him following conference the client’s brother at a slight league hockey game sponsored by that lawyer’s business and understanding of his want for a law firm.  

Of system, we’ve listened to the information about and in excess of once again about the electricity of private referrals – while it is usually shed amidst the white noise of Web optimization, online testimonials, social media, and digital advertising and marketing.  Which by the way, keep on being important tools to continue to keep a presence on the net and to guarantee a referred client that your agency is the ideal preference.  Just really don’t count on individuals marketing tools to the exclusion of many others, primarily referrals.

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