Letters to the editor

Issues for Republicans

If Republicans certainly want to heal and go forward, then each individual will have to respond to this problem: Do you consider this earlier election was rigged on a significant scale never ever in advance of noticed in American politics?

We need to have a simple demonstrate of fingers. Do you consider the conspiracy theory or not? The truth is the greater part of these Trump loyalists don’t believe the delusion about the election. It was a standard election. Period of time.

By not acknowledging that truth, these Republican reps carry on to fuel the strategy that Biden is a fake-information president, and that will continue to keep the door open for violent insurrection for yrs to appear. Let’s have a present of fingers today!

Seth Hamilton, Lincoln

Riot not about huge government

A writer from North Scituate thinks the riots in Washington ended up about “major federal government” (Letters, Jan. 14).