How to Structure Your Criminal Justice Reform Essay? Top 4 Tips

Key Factors: 

The following are tips for perfectly aligning your arguments in the criminal justice system reform essay. 

  • Prepare for your essay by crafting an outline. 
  • Decide on the essay structure type to be followed by considering your topic of discussion. 
  • Add background information at the beginning to grant the reader a basic comprehension of the topic. 
  • Be focused on the main argument of your essay. 

Find below the detailed discussion on the structure of the essay. 

The criminal justice reform addresses the structural flaws within the criminal justice system. These issues may involve police brutality, racial profiling, mass incarceration, etc. There are a lot of key contemporary debates on such notions to make a real-world change and challenge the system. Hence, writing a criminal justice reform essay may help consider persuasive arguments from different sides. It will help the learner to generate critical thinking into the primary issue of a given topic. 

In any academic writing, the structure is important to guide the reader and strengthen your arguments. In this article, we will share some tips that can help effectively structure your essay. However, if the structural considerations given below are difficult to comprehend, then you can avail of law essay writing services to communicate information effectively. Keep reading to win the criminal justice reform essay contest. 

What Are the Most Important Criminal Justice Reforms?

According to Tiffin University, law enforcement is one of the most important reforms. It is designed to uphold order in society at the state and federal level to protect the citizens. At every level, it is responsible to assist people who are the victim of a crime. 

4 Tips to Structure Your Criminal Justice Reform Essay

An essay structure is a framework that you can use to organise your ideas. Generally, criminal justice reform essays have three distinct sections: introduction, body paragraph, and conclusion. This is how you can determine which information in the essay should be included in which section. To grasp a good structural comprehension, it is better to start by looking at an example. 

Criminal Justice Reform Essay Examples

The SlideShare provide a good essay write-up whose introductory part is given below. 

Below are the effective tips on how the author has comprehensively structured the above essay. 

1. Allocate Time to Prepare Your Essay

The time you invest in preparing your criminal justice reform essay will help you in the long run. For instance, if you make an outline and define its structure, it can save you time later. Also, you can construct a cohesive essay that is easy for the reader to comprehend. The benefits of preparing an outline for an essay on criminal justice reform can better be estimated by the following key points. 

  • You can access a logical order to frame the information. 
  • You can estimate the relevance of the supporting ideas. 
  • It can showcase the proportion and balance of a speech. 
  • It can be used as a note during a speech. 

2. Follow Your Chosen Structure

To choose the best structure, you must comprehend the four types of essay structure. It includes, 

Compare and Contrast Structures: 

A criminal justice reform essay having two or more primary subjects to discuss needs to follow this structure. It is best for the argumentative topics. For instance, if you are supposed to compare the criminal justice system of the US and Japan then this structure needs to be your priority. 

Chronological Structures: 

It is also known as cause-and-effect structure which involves listing various points of discussion. For instance, you conduct thorough research to know various events and then list them in the manner they occurred. Later on, you explain how it relates to your topic of discussion. 

Problems, Methods and Solutions Structures: 

If you write your essay to address a specific problem, then this structure can be the best fit. Here, you explain a problem, critically evaluate the situation and present a feasible solution. Some of the common topics that you can discuss here include, 

Criminal Justice Reform Essay Topics: 
  • How can you reduce police brutality in the United States? 
  • How racism can be challenged in a criminal justice system? 
  • How death penalty can be more helpful in eliminating crimes in society? 
  • How to enhance the efficiency of the juvenile justice system? 
  • How can social media play a role in eliminating crimes in society? 

Moreover, if it’s daunting to choose a good topic for the discussion as well as follow up the structure then buy essay online to get quality paper. 

Signposting to Clarify Structures: 

In signposting criminal justice reform essay structure, the use of small words or phrases allows the reader to follow up on the argument and anticipate what is going on in the future. Typically, here you write a brief overview of the essay right after the introduction that must be written in the present tense. Moreover, you use several transitions in such a framework to better connect your ideas. 

3. Include Background Information at the Beginning

The background information in essays on criminal justice reform may help better understand the topic. It is better to include it at the start of the discussion. This is how readers may get basic ideas about the point before arguing about its validity or not. To effectively incorporate it into your essay introduction, consider the tips below. 

  • The very first sentence of the paragraph must be short. 
  • To hook the reader, give a hint to continue reading the criminal justice reform essay. 
  • Present strong arguments if needed. 
  • The paragraph must be in an active voice. 
  • Paragraph length should not exceed 60 words. 

4. Remind Your Readers of Your Thesis

To effectively structure your criminal justice reform essay, make sure that it remains concise. Any irrelevant information should not be included. Every argument you present needs to date back to the central theme of your paper. Here, understanding the importance of writing a thesis statement in your essay must be taken note of. It can be assisted by the following highlights. 

  • It helps you to be focused on what you want to say. 
  • It helps the reader figure out what to expect from your essay write-up. 
  • This single statement can quickly define the purpose of your lengthy paper. 


We all know the importance of structure in academic writing. For instance, if you randomly write all the key arguments of the topic into the paper, the intent can’t be fulfilled. So, following a structure may be useful in the perfect alignment of the ideas. In the above guide, we have defined how you can effectively structure your criminal justice reform essay. 

For this purpose, we have defined the various types of structures. Depending on the topic of your discussion, you need to choose one out of it. Also, some expert tips can make its implementation easier. Moreover, if the structural details are new to you as you have not crafted a similar essay before during your academic journey, then you should ask for law essay help from experts. These professionals are aware of the techniques to write arguments logically. So, no matter the topic or type of your essay, the above key markers need to be comprehended before you can start.