Help save the criminal justice system

What would make a job in prison legal aid sustainable for you?
The critical inquiries for you to remedy in the study are 7 and 8, and 10 to 16. Underneath, we demonstrate what these cover.

1. Education or sustainable salaries?

The federal government is proposing a education and grant programme to persuade additional lawyers to acquire up prison authorized help operate.

Whilst this is welcome, we’re worried it will not clear up the latest shortages of prison solicitors.

Companies convey to us that the difficulty is not getting trainees interested in legal observe, it is holding them on – and getting ready to offer you competitive salaries.

Until the critical funding issues in criminal legal support are dealt with, we believe there’s no position in introducing coaching or grant programmes as junior lawyers will not want to pursue this profession path or stay in the sector.

We are looking at suggesting that the money that has been set apart for the coaching and accreditation grants must alternatively be set into building up the shortfall from the 15% uplift that was predicted.

Do you concur?

Choose 5 minutes to explain to the government what you assume.

  1. Enter your name and existing position (these as legislation student or junior law firm)
  2. Answer concerns 7 and 8 in the survey
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2. Range troubles

Work as a duty solicitor can require long hours and an unpredictable timetable.

The decreased salaries can put people off as they are apprehensive about staying ready to help their loved ones or pay for a house.

How can the authorities make confident criminal legal function is eye-catching to a assorted pool of solicitors from different ethnic and socio-financial backgrounds?

Acquire 5 minutes to explain to the government what you imagine.

  1. Remedy inquiries 10 to 16 in the study
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