Free Public Court Records at Your Fingertips

Free Public Court Records at Your Fingertips

Are you getting no luck searching for methods to get free public court records online? You no longer need to look any further; everything you need is readily available to you and it is for free. It is really easy to get your hands on free public court records in this day of information trade; the only thing you need to know is where to go.

America prides itself in being a free nation. One great way it puts this ideal into action is through the Freedom of Information Act. The law endows the citizens with the right to request copies of government kept documents. These documents include the court records you are concerned about.

The law is an obligation that is followed by every government agency and office in the country. When a citizen files a formal request for a document the government agency is bound to release the said documents to the requester of information.

This law however, like everything good on this glorious Earth, has some exceptions. It is true that the government office or agency is bound by this law; but the agency can still reject the request under certain circumstances. The really good thing about this law is that the burden of proof is on the government and not the requesting party. The person doesn’t have to explain why he needs what he needs; but the government does have to try and prove why the requester can’t have the documents.

The circumstances the government uses to reject requests include but are not limited to: information concerning matters of national security and for court cases, those under the juvenile court system. These juvenile court records are confidential and are only accessible to the parties involved.

You may want these free public court records for your own purposes of background checks. You may even just want them to indulge your curiosity about a certain case. If you are a party of a case then you must have complete and proper documentation of the court proceedings even if the verdict is already passed. You just might not know when these will come handy.

You may have your own personal reasons for obtaining public court records but whatever the reason may be, you certainly don’t want to go broke just getting them. This is where free public court records come in.

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