Creating an Effective and Powerful USP for Your Law Firm


The biggest asset to any client is your unique selling point (USP). Your USP solves the client’s problem and creates a differentiation amongst all of your rivals. For your business to thrive and attract long-term clients, you need to find and improve your unique selling point through law firm marketing. In order to have a successful business, discover and constantly build on your USP.

Always remember to constantly deliver your USP. Meet your clients’ expectations and your USP will allow you to gain referrals. You will be surprised at the number of referrals that come your way.

Why is USP important in a law firm?

It is essential for any law firm to have a unique selling proposition (aka unique selling point) to ensure the life of the business. In a highly competitive market, a unique selling proposition is the reason clients buy your service. In simple language, your uniqueness will stand out in a crowded legal market. A USP will differentiate you from the competition and will bring you clients. Therefore, your USP must be a wide-ranging, compelling, and appealing message to your market. USP can work like magic; or it can destroy you position in the legal market if the wrong one is chosen. Your USP will help you build a profitable law practice and will keep your business thriving.

The first point when deciding your USP is deciding what your main promise is to your prospective clients. Finding your main promise is a vital part of your law firm. It is better to be an intellectual when describing the service or solution you provide to your prospective clients. USP is a legal marketing message used to show how you want to serve your clients.

How to create an effective and powerful USP:

Your USP must be the first detail a client remembers about your business. The unique selling proposition has to be short, memorable, and expressed exactly the way you want clients to remember.

Here are the steps on how to create an effective USP:

1) Define your distinctiveness

A unique selling proposition must explain your law firm’s unique service. The service you offer must be one of a kind.

2) Think like your clients

Many business owners attempt to think like their clients by looking at values, needs, problems and beliefs. It is a big help in creating an appealing USP.

3) Define your promise

An important part of a successful USP is making a promise to your clients. Your USP can be verbalized, however this promise you make to your clients should be put in writing.

4) Keep it short, effective, and unique

Form your USP so that it’s most effective. Include powerful ad words and highly visual adjectives that will directly communicate to the clients.

5) Verify your USP

Don’t verify your USP with your family, but with your client. Find out what he thinks and ask for feedback on how to improve your statement. Don’t ask for feedback from just one client; instead ask for feedback from 50 or more of your clients.

Like all businesses, you want a solid stream of clients, better revenue, and more profits. Even if you serve your clients better than your competitors, your business will not last long if your message is not delivered effectively.

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