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Having a husband or wife whom we married and promised to spend the rest of our lives with may not always be someone who is meant to stay with us because let’s say that they are just passers-by. We only meet these people to be a part of our lives and for some reason, they will leave us at some point because we are destined to be that way. Just like in a marriage, it can’t always be perfect that’s even when there are already children in the family, there’s no assurance that the parents can get along until the end.

Some of them would not want to end their marriage but some instances left them no option so they look for an expert’s advice to help them with the process of divorce. Many of them also hire lawyers for divorce modification, especially when their concern is the child’s custody or alimony so experts in this field are necessary. We need them from the start to the end because they help us prepare the requirements, make negotiations, do modifications, file the petition, and represent us during the trials.

Things would have been more difficult without a professional’s advice because there are legal terms or technicalities that ordinary individuals cannot understand due to our limited knowledge of the law. Indeed we will surely make our research and go over family laws but we cannot easily catch up when nobody will explain the contents of the decrees since this is not our specialty. Therefore, if we are one of the many applicants or petitioners who filed for divorce and would need a few modifications, then I suggest you rely on family law attorneys to receive the most favorable verdict.

Divorce Decree Modification

This is a type of request that petitioners formally apply to the local court which contains changes to the terms of the settlement. Of course, you need documents as proof for your claims to the changes and these will be reviewed as per request once this is accepted. Anyway, you need your lawyer to help you prepare this because it has to be substantial and significant enough for the court to grant you this request.

You are surely aware and the attorney should have discussed that the provisions are ordered by the local court so you must adhere to the terms to avoid being penalized. Understandably, the petitioner’s situation is prone to changes that’s why depending on the state, modifications may be allowed. I guess we should also learn what concerns us since these are the primary reasons for requesting particular changes – go to for further reading.

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Custody and Parenting Time

Our children may not always be capable of stopping us to file for divorce but they are our greatest concerns, especially when they are only minors or have just started crawling. When your reason for modifying terms involves their custody, you are likely favored when they can see that this action is for the benefit of the child. 

Let’s say that the petitioner has realized that the current order for custody will not cover what’s best for the child, then it must be changed. When we are sincerely thinking about our children’s future, then this order has to be practical and sensible. For example, if his medical or educational support is not enough due to frequent increases in expenses, then you may demand to modify the existing order for his custody.

By the way, parenting time may be modified as well and this is different from custody. We all know that after divorce, the parent should also partake in taking care of the children even when it is not a normal setting since the parents are living separately. But changing this may be requested if it is in the best interest of the children so that parenting can still be practiced accordingly – click this for more details.


There is a formula that is used specifically to calculate how much support must be given to the children based on their parent’s income. This is very important because as parents, you have financial obligations and must not be neglected since these kids are your responsibilities.

Well, you can request to change the calculated amount based on your circumstances. For example, if you lost your job, found one but with a lower rate, or when found a better job, and when your business got bankrupt. In those cases, modifications to the financial support can be accepted because you have significant reasons.

Alimony and Property Division

Some people apply for divorce for alimony but that is not always the case. If this process is the only way to end the marriage, especially when one party is at fault, then this matter must be settled in court. Depending on the current situation, alimony is subject to change or suspension.

Dividing properties are not usually modified unless agreed upon by both petitioners. In most cases, this can just be clarified when something is odd but cannot be modified after it was already settled.

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