A Comparison of Online Phlebotomy Certification and Offline Phlebotomy Certification Courses


Phlebotomy refers to the stream of healthcare jobs, that deals with collection of blood samples from patients. Phlebotomy certification is not mandatory as per the law. However a large number of applicant and reluctance of employers to expose themselves to potential law suits, has resulted in a situation where practically one needs to have a certification before taking up a job.

Getting a phlebotomy certification requires a person to pass an exam which involves both theory and practical knowledge test. Please note that while passing the examination is mandatory, you are free to prepare in a manner that suits you and you may opt to enroll for an online certification program or an offline classroom for the same purpose. We will advise you to consider the following aspects before making up your mind.

  1. Cost: Offline classrooms need to incur real estate expenses. Moreover number of students per instructor is a lot less in case of offline classes. As a result more often than not, the offline phlebotomy class is lot more expensive than the online classes. The lower cost of online classroom is one of the most important attractions of them.
  2. Ease: This point may work in favor of either form of education depending upon your personality. If you are someone who likes to have a live teacher explain concepts to you then you may be more comfortable with offline class rooms while if you are someone who likes to study at your own pace then the online classroom is for you.
  3. The quality of practical sessions is another big point of difference between the two forms of education. Offline classes allow you practise drawing blood samples from patients while there are no such facilities in case of online programs. Unless you have been working in the health care industry for quite sometime, online training is not for you.

In conclusion, we shall ask you to go for online phlebotomy certification if you are unable to meet the expenses of an offline class or if you already have significant amount of experience and you just need the certificate. An offline classroom may be preferable in all other cases.

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