3 Ways to Win Any Job Interviewer’s Heart


One of the biggest problems in job interviews is the nerves we contend with.

It’s not just enough to have a great resume, a winning employment history and a nice suit. You’ve got to appeal on a personal level to the employers…because above all else, the competition is so rife that your personality is often the only thing that can set you apart.

But you don’t need to go into an interview cracking jokes and asking people to be your friend…you simply need to show your attitude, your friendliness and your own charisma through the answers you give.

Here’s how you could apply this to your next interview:

1. With any questions that relate to how you deal with things, you must clearly prove that you do not get stressed out or overpowering. When you explain this, sit in a relaxed manner and remember to smile.

2. With questions that ask you about yourself, such as “could you tell us what sort of person your friends would describe you as?”, you can explain that you would be described as approachable, a good sense of humor, fun seeking but also focused on personal growth. These attributes will show you as a likable person, but not a wild card that may cause disruption in the workplace or be more interested in making friends than getting a promotion.

3. If you’ve struggled to address one of the job interview questions or feel as if you cannot answer at all, then make an honest admission. Your open honesty will actually account for more than the answer itself in many cases, and will help to show another likable, trustworthy trait in your personality and professionalism.

Using these simple tips, you can allow your personality to shine through to your employers. This is neither forced or cringe worthy, and will serve two purposes…firstly to build trust and professionalism into the interview, and secondly to promote likability in you from the employer’s perspective.

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