Sexual Violence Myths You Should Not Believe

Myths About Sexual Violence | DCRCC

Sexual violence is often misunderstood. The truth is that the internet is full of articles talking about sex crimes but you cannot blindly trust everything you find online. Unfortunately, there are countless myths about sexual violence you should not believe. You should always talk to an attorney whenever charged with a sex crime and you want to learn truths. More data can be seen here:

Provocative Dressing Or Promiscuous Acts Provoke Sexual Assaults

Sexual assault and rape are violent crimes that revolve around control. They come from the determination of an individual to exercise some sort of power over someone else. Provocative dressing or promiscuous behaviors are never invitations for sexual activity that is not wanted. The act of forcing a person to engage in any sexual activity without consent is considered to be sexual assault. Basically, it does not matter how someone acts or dresses. 

Sexual Assault Risk Is Assumed When Going To A Person’s House, Room, Or Even When Going To The Bar

Such a belief simply wrongfully puts the responsibility in the shoes of the victim for the actions of the offender. When you voluntarily go to someone’s room or residence, it does not mean you consent to everything. For instance, you might engage in some sort of sexual activity but when you do not want to do something and the other person forces you, it is still a crime. 

This is what saying no is all about. It always means stop and the other person has to stop. Forced sexual activity without the other person’s consent is considered to be assault in all US states. 

When You Take Drugs Or You Drink, Sexual Assault Does Not Happen

When you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it is not an open invitation for sexual activity without consent. In the event that someone chooses to take advantage of another person’s incapacity to say no because of the effects of alcohol or drugs, and a sexual assault happens, we are discussing a sex crime. 

The law actually states that when you are cognitively impaired, you cannot offer your consent for any sexual activity. Offenders might deliberately utilize alcohol in an attempt to subdue someone else and then engage in sexual activity without consent. This is considered to be a criminal act. 

Sexual Assaults Are Usually Committed By Strangers

This is often associated with another myth that states that it is not rape when those involved know each other. Unfortunately, most rapes and sexual assaults involve people victims know. 

When analyzing the victims of sexual assault between the ages of 18 and 29, over two thirds actually had a relationship in the past with the sex offender. Around 60% of sexual assault or rape victims were attacked by someone that was a partner in the past, a relative, an acquaintance, or a friend. A sexual assault can appear in any relationship. This includes dating relationships and marriage. Thinking that you can only be sexually assaulted by someone you do not know puts you at a huge risk of letting your guard down.