Reasons to Find a Boat Accident Attorney

If you have been involved in a boating accident then you may be curious as to whether or not you require a boating accident lawyer. Contrary to what many believe, there isn’t always a need for a lawyer to get involved after you have had this kind of accident. With this being said however there are a number of instances in which you could find yourself, which do mean that you need some legal support, and here are some of those reasons explained. 

No Insurance

If you have been involved in an accident with another boat and they do not have insurance then it certainly could be the case that you need to speak with an accident attorney. There are a number of states in which it is not mandatory to have insurance for boats, and if you are in one of those states it is always the smart choice to get some legal assistance after an accident. 

Clear Negligence

If the other boat user has been clearly negligent and this accident has left you with injuries then again, you are going to need to seek out some legal representation. Boat drivers can easily get distracted with their phones or simply not looking where they were going, which means that they were clearly at fault for the incident. If this is the case then your best course of action is to speak with a specialist lawyer. 

Low Settlement 

In some cases you can speak directly with the insurance team from the other person, and reach a settlement which is going to cover the cost of repairs to your boat. If however you have been injured and the amount fails to cover all of your costs, the best approach is to get a boating accident lawyer’s advice. They will be able to look at the facts of the case and then look to increase the value of the settlement which you have been offered. If you were not responsible for the accident then it is critical that you are not financially impacted by the fallout. 

Further Injury 

In many cases after an accident you may think that you only have minor injuries, but over time these injuries can worsen. Again if this is something which has happened to you then you should look to speak with a lawyer who can advise you on what next steps to take. If you have taken a settlement from an insurance company and then you find that your injuries have worsened, you do still have the right to go back to them. It will be important however that if you are to do this, that you have a legal team on your side who will be able to support you in reopening that case. 

Make sure that you always look to get some level of legal assistance if you are ever involved in a boating accident, especially when it has been caused by someone else’s negligence.